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Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

This creamy Chia Seed Pudding is a healthy alternative to sugary and high calorie desserts, and is filled with the goodness of Chia seeds and the deliciousness of Cherry Paste Topping.

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Vodka Slush Recipe


Vodka Slush Recipe – this amazing summer cocktail is easy to make and can sit in your freezer for months, so it's always there to cool down with on a summer's evening or liven up a pool party.

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Strawberry Jello Cake Recipe


Strawberry Jello Cake recipe is the yummiest combo of all-time favorite spring and summer desserts: strawberry shortcake, strawberry jello and no-bake cheesecake. After one bite, you’ll be totally hooked. Strawberry jello loaded with the fresh strawberries make a world of difference!!! It’s still not too late for this simple and easy Strawberry Jello Cake to make an appearance at your Easter table.

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Badam Burfi Recipe


Almond burfi (Badam burfi) is a delicious sweet made with almonds. It is healthy and rich burfi. Here is the recipe to make almond burfi by almond powder.

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