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If you’re looking for an elegant champagne cocktail to whip up when your gang is over then try the Antoinette cocktail! Courtesy of Saveur, this vodka and berry mix is sure to be a treat! Print Recipe The Antoinette Cocktail

It’s been just about the Monday-est Tuesday ever, so if you’re in need of pampering then we’ve got the cocktail for you. This champagne-based cocktail courtesy of Mix That Drink is a great drink to whip up if you’ve got

Coconut Margarita

Cocktail hour is never as fun as it is during summer, perhaps it feels more like vacation time. Here’s a delightful coconut margarita recipe courtesy of Foodie Crush, and we have to say, tequila never looked better! Print Recipe Coconut

This classic brandy cocktail may be a little complex if you just look at the ingredients but Imbibe has broken it down pretty well so we beginners can try it out too. Print Recipe Chicago Cocktail: Cognac, Cointreau & Bitters

As the name suggests, this gin-based cocktail was thought up in Singapore way back in 1915! In fact, the Singapore Sling cocktail is widely regarded as Singapore’s national drink. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one – non-gin

This just may be one of the most exciting cocktails you’ve drunk. We promise that just one sip will have you hooked. Unlike the traditional margarita, this Strawberry Basil Margarita comes with a twist that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. After

The most iconic drink from the still uber popular Sex and the City is a cosmopolitan; here’s a recipe if you feel like living it up Bradshaw style this weekend.

In Practical Magic ,the Owens family whips up midnight margaritas with tequila and a touch of magic. Here’s how to make your own.

In one scene of Bonfire of Vanities, staring Bruce Willis, Arthur orders a Sidecar, seemingly tempting fate. Make your own with this recipe.

If you’re familiar with The Princess Diaries series (the books, not the movies), you’ll be very aware that Mia’s grandmother AKA grandmere has some bizarre quirks. She has tattooed on eyeliner, she’s never seen without her pet dog, Rommel and