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This Sassy Witch’s Brew Cocktail will certainly add a bit of drama to your Halloween party! Courtesy of Pizzazzerie, the best part of this drink is that it only needs three ingredients! Print Recipe Sassy Witch’s Brew Cocktail This three

If you’re looking for a fun twist on the Classic Champagne Cocktail, then you’ll definitely want to try this recipe from Honestly, what could be better than champagne combined with apple brandy and orange liqueur! Print Recipe Forbidden Apple

The weekend is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than with a lovely champagne cocktail that’s easy to make and even easier to drink! Courtesy of, this bubbly cocktail is fizzy and delicious! Print Recipe Aperol Flip

Moonwalk Cocktail

This cocktail, courtesy of Saveur, doesn’t have anything to do with Micheal Jackson’s moonwalk. Instead, this champagne cocktail is a tribute to Buzz Aldrin (the real Buzz Lightyear)! Print Recipe Moonwalk Cocktail This citrusy champagne cocktail is refreshing as can

Although the wait may not yet be over for Game of Thrones fans, you can try this Lady Stoneheart cocktail courtesy of Saveur to tide you over till then! Print Recipe Lady Stoneheart Cocktail Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate

If you enjoy doing some DIY syrup then you’ll enjoy this Rosemary Champagne Fizz cocktail, courtesy of the Food Network. It’s the perfect drink to unwind with your friends after a long tiring day. Print Recipe Rosemary Champagne Fizz Like

If you’re a big fan of fresh fruit cocktails then you’ll love this Watermelon Champagne Cocktail courtesy of the Food Network! Fruity and fresh this champagne cocktail works wonderfully for a fun night in with the gang! Print Recipe Watermelon

If you’re looking an easy cocktail to whip up for your gang when they visit, then why not try this Sparkling Grapefruit cocktail, courtesy of HGTV? This champagne-based cocktail combines Campari and star anise for a delightful mirage of flavors.

Nothing says summer like a lovely outdoor party, and this recipe from the Food Network is easy to whip up if you’ve got a couple of guests over! Champagne is always a favorite, so this Pineapple Gin Punch is sure

This cocktail was inspired by the oldest city in Georgia. Courtesy of HGTV, you’ll definitely want to try this champagne cocktail out! Print Recipe Savannah Fizz Cocktail This refreshing cocktail combines sweet tea vodka, champagne, and fresh berries! Votes: 0

Lazy Sunday Mimosa

If you’re looking for a delicious cocktail to whip up in minutes that’s just perfect for a lazy evening with your mates. If you’ve got a bottle of champagne that you’re not that fond of then you can dress it

Frisco 49 Cocktail

Created by Brandon Chandlor, and courtesy of The Spruce Eats, you’ll love this champagne cocktail if you love DIY ingredients! It may take a while to get all the ingredients together but we’re sure you’ll love it. Print Recipe Frisco

Unless you’re a major movie buff, you may not recognize the name Lita Grey, however, you’ll almost certainly recognize her once husband – Charlie Chaplin. Courtesy of Spruce Eats, this gin and champagne cocktail makes the perfect companion to the

The weekend is here, which means you’re probably looking forward to unwinding with a drink (or three or four) in your hand. Whip up a batch of this champagne punch, courtesy of Esquire, if you’re having the gang over because

Jubal Early Punch

It’s summertime, which means loads of outdoor parties! If you’re looking for a champagne cocktail that’s easy to whip up in bulk and are tired of the usual suspects then why not try the Jubal Early Punch. Courtesy of Esquire,

If you’re looking for a cocktail that truly acts as a foil for your champagne/prosecco then this classic should be a good match for you! Courtesy of Delish, this Classic Champagne cocktail is one that every amateur bartender should have

Barbotage Cocktail

Monday is finally over (or almost over if your boss works you like a pack mule) and what better way to relax than with a nice glass of champagne? If you’d like a tad bit more of a kick, then

Air Mail Cocktail

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate the last bits of that bottle of champagne you’ve kept in the fridge then why not try a fun cocktail to kick things off? The Air Mail, courtesy of Esquire, combines rum,

This Kir Royale cocktail courtesy of Mix That Drink, is extremely easy to make. Creme de cassis has lovely, almost blackcurrant notes that pair beautifully with a dry champagne or prosecco. Add this one to the list of cocktails you

Volcano Cocktail

If you’ve got a bottle of champagne that’s about to go bad, or not quite your fancy then why not try whipping up an easy cocktail. The Volcano, courtesy of Mix That Drink, is super fruity thanks to the liqueurs