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Dr Who Custard Recipe

In Doctor Who, the Eleventh Doctor develops a taste for fish fingers paired with custard. We've already shared a recipe for homemade fish fingers; if you're a steadfast Dr Who fan, make this custard to pair with them.

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Dr Who Jammie Dodgers Recipe

In Dr Who, the Eleventh Doctor demands a pot of coffee and twelve jammie dodgers. While a pot of coffee is easy to brew, we're sharing a recipe for jammie dodgers just in case you should ever run into the Eleventh Doctor.

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Enid Blyton Salad Cream Recipe

In Enid Blyton’s books, the characters are always, always eating. In Five Go Down To The Sea, for example, the Famous Five enjoy a delicious high tea including a huge ham, 'lashings of hard-boiled eggs', a tureen of new potatoes and home-made salad cream. Today, we're showing you how to make your very own salad-cream; toss it with vegetables or spread it upon bread.

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