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Vision knows the way to Scarlet Witch’s heart – Paprikash and is seen making this dish in Captain America: Civil War. Their bond in The Avengers: Infinity Wars is impeccable and we can’t help but do a throwback to this lovely

True Gilmore Girls fans would know how important it is to have burgers and fries around when you’re watching this show. The girls practically live on burgers, fries and blueberry pancakes from Luke’s Diner. And coffee of course! So that

Make health tastier with some Nutella! Print Recipe Nutella Granola Recipe Healthy & Delicious! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 2 hours Servings servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 6 cups rolled out oats1/2

Love to cook but don’t know what to do with the leftovers? Well, as we have professed earlier, resort to the might grain – rice. Seriously, just about anything mixed and sautéed with rice makes for an excellent – and

Check out this delicious French Fries Recipe that’s so close to McDonald’s you’ll be tempted to make them everyday! Print Recipe Copycat McDonald’s French Fries Recipe Crispy Fries! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 5 minutes

Orange Chiffon Cake – Made with orange, eggs & flour. Orange chiffon cake is soft and tasty with orange flavor.

Coconut Pineapple Cake Recipe – sweet and delicious coconut cake with light and fluffy whipped pineapple frosting! Perfect christmas dessert!

This chicken fajitas recipe stuffed full of grilled chicken, onions, and peppers is perfect for an easy and healthy weeknight dinner.

Beef Satay Recipe

This authentic beef satay recipe will blow you away with its abundant flavor and tenderness! Cook your satay on an outdoor grill or in the oven.

Buddha is teased by Nina as he’s a vegetarian and she is a meat eater. She calls him Ghaas Phoos and he calls her Tangdi Kabab. Let’s focus on the greens today and make a delicious Ghaas…er.. we mean salad.

Fajita is a popular Mexican dish that consists of grilled meat usually served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla. As is true with most Tex-Mex dishes, fajita too scores high on spices, peppers, and strong flavours. The

These Spicy Toasted Pumpkins Seeds are a tasty and healthy way to use those leftover pumpkin seeds, not to mention easy too.

Print Recipe Strawberry Cassata Cake The classic Sicilian cassata is a spongecake layered with creamy sweetened ricotta, a heavenly combination. Though usually topped with colorful candied fruits, this summery version is covered with ripe red berries. Votes: 1 Rating: 5

A few days ago Krispy Kreme announced that it would be giving away a free doughnut for everyone who comes bearing an ‘I Voted’ sticker on Election Day in the US. Reason enough to vote, right? While voters can pick

You may have heard that as Halloween approaches, Airbnb is offering you the chance to stay at Count Dracula’s castle in Romania. While we’re not sure we can handle that, we did start thinking about the story of Dracula and

If you’ve watched the 2016 Emmys or even read the news over the past few days, you’d know that Game of Thrones made history for the record number of Emmys it won. Its not difficult to see why; the show

Happy Harry Potter’s Birthday to you, Potterheads! This July 31st is even more special because it’s the day Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is released – after a long hiatus we finally get to find out what happens to

Print Recipe Chicken and Onion Filo Pastry Pie A take on the traditional Moroccan pigeon pie Inspired by the traditional Moroccan pigeon pie, pastilla, this one harbours all the taste of sweet-spicy Moorish flavours with half the fuss. You can

Wind In The Willows is a childhood classic that many adults still love for its moral lessons and colorful characters. In the story, we are introduced to a variety of animal characters; Mole, who abhors spring cleaning, Rat, who lives

Are you a House Of Cards fan? Then you need no introduction to Freddy’s BBQ joint, a hole in the wall eatery frequented by Frank Underwood when he’s not making cut throat political decisions. About Freddy’s BBQ Joint Owned by