Boiled eggs

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A rich and delicious Mughlai mutton biryani…This Mughlai Mutton Biryani is midly spiced the mutton, the taste is simply  flavourful and aromatic..

This egg salad has an extra burst of flavor from the dill. It’s creamy and delicious. Perfect for lunch and evening snacks!!

Egg Pulusu Recipe

A simple egg pulusu in tamarind curry or gravy with boiled eggs added into it.

Egg Roast Recipe

Egg roast is a masala egg recipe in which boiled and peeled eggs are nicely roasted in onion tomato masala gravy. This delicious egg roast which goes extremely well with aapam.

Punjabi egg curry recipe, made in dhaba style is exceptionally good when you are not in a mood to cook something elaborate but wish to make quick delicious food. It can be served with roti, plain paratha or flavored rice like jeera rice, biryani rice, pulao, coconut rice, coconut milk rice or any biryani varieties.

Egg Bonda Recipe

Egg bondas or egg pakoras are made by frying boiled eggs in hot oil until golden. Served hot, they’re perfect with a cup of tea during winter! Serve the bondas as a snack during tea or an appetiser for dinner.