You Need This Lava Flow Cocktail In Your Life Because It’s Basically An Alcoholic Milkshake

Summer has really been difficult this year, and it's not just the unrelenting heat. Demonetisation has left everyone's pockets a little lighter (except the rich people, of course, the irony!). If you're looking for a cool (literally, cool, you'll see) way to get a bit of that summer buzz then we have just the cocktail for you! The Lava Flow cocktail not only looks amazing but is also a take back to those childhood summer days when mum used to force banana milkshake down our throats (oh, was that only me?). This R-rated version of the banana milkshake combines bananas, strawberries and rum! Did somebody say match made in heaven?

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The Raven Boys Banana Cream Pie Recipe

In The Raven Boys, Blue approaches Persephone for help only to find her pouring over a recipe for banana cream pie. Later, Persephone contemplates making something sweet; we bet it was that banana cream pie. Bake your own with this recipe.

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