To Kill A Mockingbird Crackling Bread Recipe

After Scout's first day at school in 'To Kill A Mockingbird', her terrible day is alleviated a little by Calpurnia giving her crackling bread; “it was not often that she made crackling bread, she said she never had time, but with both of us at school today had been an easy one for her. She knew I loved crackling bread." Crackling bread is made by baking pork rind into bread and is a quintessential Southern dish. Here's how you can make your own at home; we've substituted the crackling for coked, crumbled bacon.

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Game Of Thrones Beef And Bacon Pie Recipe

Game of Thrones has been in the news lately; teasers from the upcoming season are enticing fans and George R Martin said that The Wings of Winter may be out this year. In celebration, we're sharing a Game of Thrones inspired recipe for beef and bacon pie.

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