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Taco Samosa Recipe

Taco Samosas are delicious and savory with the perfect crisp.

It’s Tempura Day and looking at the weather it seems perfect to fry up some shrimp. So let’s gear up for a sumptuous treat! Print Recipe Shrimp Tempura Recipe Crispy Tempura! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course

George Junior is having a terrible time with Sheldon starting high school with him. But after a rough day he gets his favourite tater tots. I think we all deserve that! Print Recipe Young Sheldon Tater Tots Recipe Delicious Tater

Binging on mac n cheese, Midge and Joel reconcile and boy was that quite a moment. Whoever said romance can’t build over a simple pasta, some wine and candles. Try it tonight with this awesome recipe! Print Recipe The Marvelous

Easiest brownie recipe ever!

Enjoy this delicious boozy chocolate cake for Christmas this year!

Relish Christmas dinner with a touch of health and start this trend with oats bread rolls. Print Recipe Christmas Oats Bread Roll Recipe Healthy Christmas Recipe! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course Breads Prep Time 30 mins

Make the kids what they’d like the most this Christmas. Delicious Nutella cookies! Print Recipe Christmas Nutella Cookie Recipe Delicious Nutella Cookies! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course Desserts Prep Time 30 mins Cook Time 10 mins

Banana and chocolate is the best combination that you can ask for this Christmas season! And what better than in the form of a cake?

It is the season of cakes and what better than this delicious European delicacy!

Enjoy these delicious cookies with friends and family this Christmas season!

Make this awesome fudge during the holidays and we’re sure your family is going to love it. Print Recipe Christmas Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe Delicious Christmas Recipes! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course Desserts Prep Time 20

Climbing rooftops and running from guards only to save his head. His crime, stolen a piece of baguette from the market. Aladdin is truly one of the cherished Disney movies and with its musical shows running housefull in Mumbai, we

Remember the girl who introduced Ted to the drumroll and left him dreamy? Yes, Ted Mosby sure tracked her down to her bakery and while they finally kissed, we couldn’t help but drool over the baked goods. We’re now sure

Anyone in a live-in relationship especially in a metropolitan would relate a lot to Little Things. Silly fights, work pressure and yet a joy that only comes by living with a person you’re most comfortable with. Follow Kavya and Dhruv

Feature image source Print Recipe Children’s Day Rainbow Cookies Recipe Moist, mellow, and full of almond flavor! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 45 minutes Cook Time 10 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 8 oz almond

Can’t get enough of the momos you love so much but want a change from the usual chicken and vegetable varieties? We’ve got for you this easy mushroom momo recipe that you can cook up on a rainy evening and

Bite into this sinfully delicious tart and you’d want to make it all through winter. We got an inspiration to make this after hearing Lorelai’s yearning for a similar tart made at Christmas at Emily’s home. Print Recipe Gilmore Girls

Ever made cookies using your favourite black tea? Go ahead and grind some and incorporate it in this delicious recipe.   Print Recipe Brooke Bond Taaza Chai Cookies Recipe Delicious Chai Cookies! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe!

Bring the magic of those luscious, thin crepes at home. Eat for breakfast or any part of the day you deem fit. Fresh fruits and a little honey on top go perfectly well with these! Print Recipe Copycat IHOP Crepe