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With minimalistic Bollywood references, Parmanu tells the story of the nuclear tests conducted by India in Pokhran. However, food elements in the movie are quite visible and even tempting for that matter. For instance, the constant snacking habit of one

Watching Alia Bhatt slurp down the desi Chinese in the movie Dear Zindagi made us want to make the spicy street food for ourselves. Follow this easy recipe in Hindi to make some delicious Schezwan Hakka Noodles! Print Recipe Dear

Enjoy a bowl of delicious sweet corn soup at the comfort of your home. Just follow this simple recipe with easy instructions in Hindi! Print Recipe Sweet Corn Soup Recipe In Hindi Delicious Sweet Corn Soup! Votes: 0 Rating: 0

Love the wafting aroma of sweet corn with a dollop of butter and a little masala when you visit the market? Now get the same flavour at the comfort of your home with this recipe in Hindi. Plus, you get

Make a warm, delicious tomato soup using this simple recipe with instruction in Hindi. Perfect recipe for winters! Print Recipe Tomato Soup Recipe In Hindi Delicious Tomato Soup! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 5 mins

Bengali cooks were onto something when they spiked their mutton curry with boiled potatoes. The potatoes add an amazing flavor thickness to the gravy, while the mutton completely transforms the flavor of the potatoes. But the addition of potatoes to

Enjoy a filling bowl of kanda poha with a drizzle of lemon or curd for your breakfast! Follow this easy recipe in Hindi and make poha in a jiffy. Print Recipe Kanda Poha Recipe In Hindi Poha For Breakfast! Votes:

Nothing beats the fiery and delicious aloo chaat straight from the streets of Delhi. Follow this easy recipe in Hindi and make this mouthwatering aloo chaat at the comfort of your home! Print Recipe Aloo Chaat Recipe In Hindi Mouthwatering

Make delicious Kadhi with this simple recipe in Hindi and relish it with steamed rice or hot roti. To add pakoras to the kadhi click here to see the pakora recipe in hindi. Print Recipe Besan Ki Kadhi Recipe In

Make delicious, fresh pesto and pour the sauce over cooked pasta. Enjoy a delicious, Italian meal at home by following with an easy recipe in Hindi. Print Recipe Pesto Recipe In Hindi Pesto Recipe In Hindi Votes: 0 Rating: 0