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Dear Zindagi has a lot of heart breaking moments when Kaira has to face yet another rejection from a loved one. With the news of Raghu getting married, she doesn’t want to cry in front of any one so eats

In how many ways have you tried to cook or prepare your pasta? As a pasta salad, as a pie (read, spaghetti pie), slow cooked in your choice of sauce, or event deep-fried as fritters? But did you know that there exists

Love seafood? Adore pakoras (Indian fritters)? Well, then you’ve landed at the right place. This easy-peasy shrimp pakora recipe is an excellent way of satiating any and all seafood cravings while adding a touch of desi at the same time. How awesome

The dahi bhalla will remind you of various other North Indian street foods like the papdi chaat, aloo tikki or even the household favorite dahi vada. Reason being the way it is made and the ingredients like the chutneys, the

Relish this delicious Matar Ki Puri made out of fresh green peas. Eat it with your favourite pickle and some fresh curd. Print Recipe Matar Ki Puri Recipe In Hindi Piping Hot Matar Ki Puri! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You:

Make delicious, classic aloo samosas with this easy to follow recipe in Hindi. Follow the recipe step by step and delight your family and friends with hot, crispy homemade samosas. Print Recipe Samosa Recipe In Hindi Delicious Samosa Recipe! Votes:

Make the Indian Burger Vada Pav or serve the delicious Batata Vadas with Chutney! It’s your call. This easy to follow recipe in Hindi will show you how to make this yummy Mumbai snack in a jiffy. Print Recipe Vada