Would You Indulge In This R-Rated Korean Gelato? #POLL

That’s right, Korea now has an ice-cream that you wouldn’t want your kids to eat. Why? Well, because these ice creams are shaped in the form of – wait for it – condoms. Yep, the Korean (South, of course) ice cream company sure has a weird way of getting innuendos through to its customers.

Now, here’s the fun part. Packed in a rubber tube of sorts, the chocolate-flavoured ice cream wasn’t really meant to look like what they do. They’re called Chocolate Flavored Turtle Eggs, so we’re hoping that that’s what they are meant to look like – turtle eggs. Not that this makes the product anymore desirable. But it’s good to know that at least they weren’t going after the condom.

giphy-35Source: Eater

So how does one eat it then? No rocket science there because you just have to bite/snip off the tip and suck out the chocolaty insides. I think my insides I threw up a little. But despite what everyone may thing, the treats are hugely popular in Korea, mainly because they make for on helluva insane gelato concept! But would you try it?


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