indulge in some sinful guilty pleasures this summer

Situated in Khan Market, it’s a small little place and it gets only as Vintage. You enter and the first thing you notice are the beautiful interiors and of course the Cupcakes! The staff is extremely friendly. Any food if served with a smile, tastes delicious and when it comes to The Big Chill, they always hit the right notes. The quality of the products is always top notch and so is their service. Even though they have softly opened, they had a wide variety of products on display.

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With a prominent blue door and a cute sign stating The Big Chill Cakery, this lil dessert parlor is a breath of fresh sweetness!! With cute vintage looking colorful wallpapers to the pastel colored shelves, from the small seating arrangement to the vast display of sweet goodness, this place is a paradise for the sweet lovers!! 

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service is fast and efficient, the staff is ever so smiling and suggestive, just tell them your preference and they’ll whip up something great for you.

since this cakery opened, i have been waiting to pay it a visit, so finally yesterday, i got the opportunity and went there to hog on the delicious goodness!! but since we were stuffed already, with a heavy heart i could taste on only two of their marvelous collection, though can’t wait to go back again and try out more. We ordered:

Raspberry & Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie: a delicious portion of this sinful delicacy is packed with textures and a burst of flavors!! a thick, mildly salty, crumbly, buttery and slightly rigid chocolate edge is in perfect contrast with the rich, creamy and dense separate layers of cheese, followed by cream, topped with raspberries. the saltiness of the chocolate base well balances the richness of silky and sweet cream and cheese, and the raspberries on top adds the perfect slightly sweet and tangy flavor, a delicious combo of sweet, salty and tangy delight is a punch full of perfect flavors and textures!!
IMG-20150702-WA0007 IMG-20150702-WA0008
Chocolate & Orange Creme Brulee Cake: absolutely loved this dessert, my personal favorite combo of orange and chocolate won my heart in the very first bite, a thin and soft layer of chocolate cake topped with silky and rich mousse, followed by rich glaze of chocolate ganache, in between stuffed with a layer of chocolate creme brulee, this cake is the perfect one to be shared with your loved one. so smooth, moist, utterly soft, rich, and extremely chocolaty!! 

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Though we were very much tempted to try out their shakes and yummilicious ice creams, but because their portion size is huge and oh so rich, we left them for later. The only drawback i found was the very limited seating space with just three lil stools by the window and a large crowd trying to squish in that space!!. The prices are slightly on a higher side, but given the location, repo of Big Chill and the sinfully decadent desserts, it is so much worth it!! Highly recommended.
Highly recommended