Indulge In The Best Sandwiches of Chennai at Gupta’s in Triplicane

Maybe calling them the best sandwiches is a slight mislead, but the sandwiches at Gupta’s are ones that you need to try at least once in your life. Tucked away on Ellis Road in Triplicane, Gupta’s is a small roadside stall that has been in the area for quite a while. Triplicane in general, is known for the wonderful world of food and any walk you go for in the area, you are bound to experience some of the most delicious kinds of street food in Chennai.

Chennai street food has evolved over the years, mixing with street food of different parts of the country before they make their own. You can find chaat of every variety and vada pav and the like, but the kind of street food that separates Chennai street food from other cities is that it’s adventurous. The sandwichwallah experiments and mixes with different types of bases and ingredients and produces food for the soul.


You have your basic Chili Cheese Sandwich which can be altered depending on how spicy you want it and filled with all the vegetables you can think of. Then there’s the Murukku Sandwich, which uses tiny murukku’s as the base and the topping, with cucumber, tomato, onion and chutney sandwiched between. And finally, you have the Paapad Sandwich which has two large paapads stuffed with vegetables mixed with mayo and served.

If you’ve never heard of Gupta’s or never seen these sandwiches, here’s what they look like and where you can find them.