101 Indira Canteens Up and Running In Bengaluru
August 16, 2017
Christina George (1182 articles)

101 Indira Canteens Up and Running In Bengaluru

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, had awakened Bengaluru to the idea of Indira Canteens when he presented the budget on March 15, 2017. A couple of months later, amidst worries that the deadline of August 15th wouldn’t be met and a great deluge in Bangalore, Indira Canteens have been inaugurated by Rahul Gandhi today.

Although not all 198 have managed to get up and running 101 Indira Canteens are now in business in 101 different wards in Bengaluru. On offer, affordable food, with the cost of breakfast coming to a mere Rs. 5 while lunch and dinner are priced at Rs. 10. The fare will be based on Karnataka’s traditional cuisine so expect some delicious Idlis and Kharabhath.

Seeing as pretty much everyone has access to a smartphone in this day and ages, an app has also been launched which will help you track down the closest Indira Canteen in your vicinity. In fact, there is also a selfie competition in the works. Just take a picture at an Indira Canteen upload it on the app and one lucky winner could win 1 lakh Rupees (and yes it’s legit).

In addition to this, 5 of the 27 kitchens opened to service the canteens will be reserved for women’s self-help groups. Oh, and we almost forgot, dinner is free today. Try out the closest Indira Canteen near you and let us know how it was!

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Christina George

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