Indira Canteen, Appaji Canteen, Kumari Ramya Canteen? At Mandya It’s Hard To Choose


With the Karnataka state elections around the corner, it’s no surprise that political parties are pulling out all the stops to woo voter’s hearts. Congress got the ball rolling with their Indira Canteens, however, other parties are looking to play catch up with JD(S) launching Appaji Canteens, and BJP now making canteen plans of their own.

However, in Mandya, the land of Vokkaligas and sugar belt of Karnataka, voters are being spoiled for choice as unlike Bengaluru, where Indira Canteens take precedence, they can choose from three (soon to be four) options.

Political Parties Getting In On the Act

Indira Canteen, Appaji Canteen, Kumari Ramya Canteen? At Mandya It's Hard To Choose

JD(S) workers have also launched a smaller version of Appaji Canteens in the district. According to party workers, two or three Appaji Canteens have been launched in the town in the name of Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy. “While it is difficult to rent a place and run a hotel, these fans and party workers are trying their best to make a living and also provide piping hot food in the name of Kumaraswamy and Gowda,” said Praveen, a local party worker.

Raghu, an hotelier and ardent fan of Ramya, has launched a canteen bearing the name of the former MP saying that it is his love and respect for the actor/politician that has led him to run the canteen. “I have been a fan of Ramya for the past 15 years, and am trying to eke out a living by feeding needy people good food,” says Raghu, 36.


Finally, BJP has announced their intentions of coming to the subsidized food party. Local BJP workers have come forward to set up canteens. Looks like the way to a man’s vote is through his stomach.