India’s Red-Ant Chutney Is On Gordon Ramsay’s New Menu

Have you heard of the red-ant chutney? Well, if you haven’t it’s not too late because this chutney is now made world famous by Gordon Ramsay’s new menu! Chapda Chutney and Dona Pudga are two famous tribal food items from Bastar in Indian state of Chhatisgarh. Ramsay had tried them on his trip to India and he loved them so much that he decided to bring the taste home back to Britain.

India's Red-Ant Chutney Is On Gordon Ramsay's New Menu

For the ones who are still confused about what this chutney is all about – Chapda chutney is made out of red ants, considered not only healthy but also good for keeping diseases away. Dona Pudga, on the other hand, is chicken seasoned with basic spices, wrapped in a leaf and roasted over fire. No oil is used in the cooking. The last twelve minutes of his documentary was dedicated to these two dishes and Chapda chutney was also termed world’s best chutney by the celebrity chef.

Gordon learnt about the red ants during his stay in the Naxal-prone areas of Darba’s Manjhipal. Have you ever tried the red chutney? Tell us in the comments below.