India’s Coca-Cola University Aims To Teach 3.5 Lakh People By December 2017

The Coca-Cola University, which has been set up to provide skills, tools and techniques to rural and urban retailers in India, has announced that it aims to impart knowledge to upto 3.5 lakh people by December 2017.

Coca-Cola University On Wheels

The Coca-Cola University on Wheels was established in December 2007 under the Parivartan program.


It delivers training through classrooms and a mobile bus which can reach retailers in semi-urban and rural areas. The initiative aims to train retailers in four key pillars; Shop Management, Stock Management, Customer Management and Financial Management.

Since its inception, the program has trained over 260,000 retailers.

Education Aims

In a recent statement, Coca-Cola University pledged to train 3.5 lakh people by December 2017.


Commenting on the aim, Sameer Wadhawan, the VP, HR and services of Coca-Cola India and South West Asia said that the university shares India’s urgent stance on skill training, adding that Coca-Cola is also training people with disabilities and training farmers in agricultural practices in other programs.