Which Indian Street Food Would You Binge On? #POLL
January 30, 2018
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Which Indian Street Food Would You Binge On? #POLL

Being a street food aficionado takes more than just a hungry tummy. Because there is a lot out there and not all are worth swatting flies and bearing the heat. And given the buffet of street foods in India – right from a zesty tikki to a sumptuous kebab – one is bound to stumble upon tough decisions at every curb and corner.

Keeping all the mind-boggling options in mind, we thought it’d be good to know that if pitted against each other, how would the street foods for. Will a gol gappa stump the papdi chaat or will people choose a shawarma over an egg roll? Vote for your favorite street foods below!


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  1. Dry Fruit Mart
    Dry Fruit Mart September 11, 11:56
    List includes almost everything except Chinese Bhel One of the trending street food.

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