Indian Recipes: 3 Best Smartphone Apps to Download Now

There is no denying the fact that Indian cuisine is eagerly sought after, no matter where in the world you may go. Now, when it comes to preparing delectable Indian recipes, there are top-quality smartphone apps you can easily download.

That way, you are able to have any time, anywhere access to a plethora of Indian recipes.

Accordingly, below we share 3 of the best smartphone apps out there for truly delectable Indian recipes.

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10000+ Indian Recipes Book

When it comes to the comprehensiveness of a single resource for Indian recipes, few other apps can match 10000+ Indian Recipes Book. After all, Indian cuisine is very diverse, with each state of India having its own kind of unique cuisine, not to mention regional differences within states, as well!

On this app you will find Indian recipes neatly classified along various categories, including the following.

  • Regional cuisine – say, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Marwari, and more.
  • Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes.
  • The meal it is meant for – say, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, etc.
  • Specialised Indian recipes customised for diets like Atkins and Paleo, among others.

Each of the above categories also has various sub-categories, such as Chicken, Mutton, or Fish among Nonvegetarian dishes, etc. This makes searching for and quickly zeroing in on your preferred dish an absolute breeze.

Once you have done that, you will, in turn, find that the list of ingredients for each recipe is spelt out very clearly. In fact, the ingredients themselves form a search parameter on the app. Based on ingredients that you already have, you can search for Indian recipes that you can prepare. It’s definitely a cool feature!

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Indian Recipes in Hindi

While the demand for Indian recipe apps on smartphones is always high, Indians in particular have clamoured for such apps to be available in native languages. Robin Khanna has clearly paid heed to this frequent request by offering Indian Recipes in Hindi.

Thanks to this app, language will no longer be a barrier as far as learning to prepare a wide variety of Indian dishes goes. The app is entirely in Hindi, while being laced with vivid, beautiful pictures that describe each step of the process of cooking up a truly delectable Indian meal.

Moreover, this app clearly emphasizes vegetarian Indian recipes, another frequent demand from its users. With a large vegetarian population, India has always been a haven for vegetarian food; this app, in turn, proves to be a true saviour for all such “veggie” folks!

As with other Indian recipe apps, we appreciate the categorisation here that includes the following.

  • Nashta (Breakfast) dishes
  • Sabzi (Vegetable) dishes
  • Chutney and Achaar (Pickle) recipes
  • Mithai (Sweets) recipes
  • South Indian recipes in Hindi (definitely not very easy to find!)
  • Raita (curd dish) recipes
  • Regional cuisines from Avadh, Punjab, Kerala, Goa, Chettinad, and many more

Finally, besides being an entirely free app, you will definitely appreciate the fact that it works brilliantly even in offline mode!

Indian Recipes: 3 Best Smartphone Apps to Download Now
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Tarla Dalal Recipes

Indian foodies definitely need no introduction to Tarla Dalal; she has literally been the face of Indian food for decades now! After having appeared in print, on television, and on the web on numerous occasions, she has gone ahead and made what is clearly the next logical move – having her own Tarla Dalal Recipes smartphone app for delectable Indian recipes!

What stands out in case of this app is the sheer volume of recipes available on it; at last count, we noted there were more than 17,000 recipes on the app! This is over and above 700+ videos, as well as hi-res, hi-quality images numbering in excess of 7,000. This kind of volume is simply not seen on any other comparable Indian recipes app.

Searching and saving desired Indian recipes on the Tarla Dalal Recipes app consistently proves to be a breeze. Further, there is always a new ‘Recipe of the Day’ appearing on the app as a slider, which is quite a pleasant surprise!

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The immense popularity of Indian cuisine the world over has only egged on the creation of numerous Indian recipe smartphone apps. In this article, we have shared three of the most prominent and well-loved ones.

Feel free to tell us about other such delectable Indian recipe smartphone apps!