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Indian Railways to Initiate Better Food Supply in Trains


Indian Railways takes a big step in improving the food and supply system in trains. The initiative is to supply hot, fresh and hygienic food to the passengers. It is also going to establish ultra-modern kitchens along prominent routes. In order to strengthen the existing catering policy. This significant approach is said to be a part of its new catering policy, which its subsidiary Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is going to implement soon.

“The new policy has special provisions, aimed at ensuring better dining experience for passengers on board,” said Sandeep Dutta, public relation officer (PRO), IRCTC. He also added, “It’s one of the important moves as earlier there was one contractor. But this time there will be two—one for food preparation and other for its distribution. This is perhaps the smartest way to keep a check on food quality”.

Furthermore, the Railways is also going to establish well-equipped kitchen with excellent facilities across prominent routes. The whole process requires a huge infrastructure, the date of its implementation is yet to be finalised, he said. “But the IRCTC is already working on the implementation part”, he added.

This move will not only minimise the complaints against food but also helps in catering passengers in a better way.