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This Indian Chef Just Made The World’s Largest Margarine Sculpture



A new name just made its way into the Guinness World Record pile, and the person belong to our beloved culinary sphere, no less! Travel Food Services’ (TFS), India’s largest travel food retail company, Devwrat Anand Jategaonkar set a new world record by building world’s largest margarine sculpture.

The sculpture, which mirrors the supreme trinity – Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer, draws inspiration from the popular Trimurti in Elephanta. Reportedly, the structure is 6’1” tall and measures 8’2” in width with a massive weight of 150 kilograms! To complete the sculpture Devwrat took almost 10 days, and the final result is worth every single day of effort put in.

Showcasing impeccable finesse and precision, the butter sculpture features intricate details and has been polished to give the perfect finishing touch. In a video that captures the chef’s hard work, Jategaonkar explains that he wanted to portray Indian philosophy through his sculpture, and added that making the Trimurti would be a “lifetime memory” for him. He also happens to be the first Indian to win a silver medal at IKA Culinary Olympics (yes, that’s a legit competition) in 2012.

Watch how Jategaonkar managed the record-breaking feat below!


Feature Image: YouTube | Guinness World Records

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