Indian Athletes Are Taking Along A Desi Kitchen To The Rio Olympics!

While the world is going berserk over the awkward Indian sari blazer uniform, the desi Olympians have better things to focus on. And by that we mean PM Narendra Modi‘s initiative to make sure that all Indian players have access to traditional Indian food.

Yep, that’s right. In an effort led by the PMO and the Sports Ministry, Indian Participants at the Rio Olympics will get to eat Indian meals consisting of dal makhani, vegetable pulao, gulab jamun, egg bhurji, tandoori roti and raita.North Indian Thali 2

The effort is being made as a result of a research which says that athletes perform better when they eat their native cuisine.

Interestingly enough, the plea to set up an Indian Kitchen in the Olympic Village had initially been trashed by the Olympic Committee. This on the grounds that the Indian Contingent has never been big enough to eat off a whole separate kitchen. But alas, 118 athletes makes for a rather big contingent. Moreover, South Asian countries of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can also eat Indian food.

“This effort is a part of the Target Olympic Podium program by the Sports Ministry that has pumped over 135 crore rupees in ensuring that the athletes get nothing but the best and can concentrate on getting medals”, reported Storypick.


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