India To Get 100+ Outlets Of Lord Of The Fries, The Vegan Fast-Food Chain From Australia

Vegans in India have reason to rejoice as Lord of the Fries, an Aussie vegan fast-food chain has announced massive plans to open over a hundred outlets all over India. has reported that the first of these hundred will be opened at Ahmedabad by 2019, following which the rest will be opened over a span of 10 years. This is seen by vegans in India as an opportunity for more people to embrace veganism.

India To Get 100+ Outlets Of Lord Of The Fries, The Vegan Fast-Food Chain From Australia

The story behind the launch

Zesty Bites, owned by the property business Sakariya Group is the Indian brand that will be collaborating with Lord of the Fried for its Indian launch. “How all this came about with this group is that we had a guy who was on a study visa at the time working for us in stores a few years back,” Co-Founder of Lord of the Fries, Koronczyk explains. “He left Australia, went back to India, and always had that thought that he could bring the brand over to India. He started working for a group who was looking for overseas brands, he suggested Lord of the Fries, and the conversations began.”

India – A great destination

Ever since their opening in 2005, Lord of the Fries, one of Australia’s now-famous vegan-burger and hot-dog franchise has expanded to over 18 locations all over Australia and New Zealand. Lord of the Fries also introduced one of their signature dishes, the Beyond Meat Burger in Australia and New Zealand, but they are unsure about its availability in their upcoming Indian outlets, according to recent reports.

“We’ve always known India would be a great destination for us, knowing that much of the culture there is vegetarian,” CFO Sam Koronczyk tells SmartCompany. This launch has been announced soon after their local sales hit twenty-five million dollars.