India meets Mexico at this Desi Burrito Drive-thru in Vegas

What’s this we hear about someone mixing up our two favourite cuisines? And served out in a drive-thru? What are you doing to us, Vegas? 

Desi Burrito is, well a burrito shaped drive-thru in Vegas. Obvious enough. But what they also have is a perfect mix of India and Mexico. Observe- Desi burrito or bowl. Add proteins such as chicken chili with makhani sauce, lamb stir fry and tofu chili. Rice choices are lemon or masala white or brown rice. With a soda and masala fries. Voila.

India meets Mexico at this Desi Burrito Drive-thru in Vegas

Kris and Bindi Parikh from Mint Indian Bistro have brought this baby out. The place offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and halal options too. The patio can seat around 16 people. Gulab Jamuns and Mango custard are on offer for dessertarians and kids can snack on things like cheese, chicken and lamb quesadillas, as well as salsa fries.

“In a nutshell, this is what you can expect at Desi Burrito: fresh flavors on the go that give you the most bang for your buck!”

The website claims they’re open from 7am-9pm everyday. They’ve got some interesting snack combos too. Vegas- it’s time to head to the burrito drive-thru. Ole!

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