10+ Tricolour Recipes To Celebrate Independence Day

Drool salute your food!

Hello there, national holiday! Ok don’t judge us. We know it’s India’s 69th Independence Day so relax.


So what’s cooking today? What! No tri-colored munchies?! What kind of an unpatriotic foodie are you? And yes, now we are totally judging. But that’s okay because we’ve got just what you need to make your taste buds stand up and salute your food. Try out these 8 Independence Day special recipes for the tastiest 15th August ever.

1. Tiranga Rice



2. Tiranga Pulao

Feast on some delicious tricolored and flavored rice.



3. Tricolored Bread Pakora

This bread pakora is going to blow your mind! When does it not?

4. Tricolor Sandwich

Snack on the most patriotic sandwich ever!

5. Tiranga Dhokla

Give us a moment while we drool-salute this dhokla!

6. Tricolored Paratha

Ok are we wrong to be reminded of our clay modeling classes in school after seeing this recipe video?

7. Tiranga Paneer Tikka


8 Tricolor Cake

Go ahead sing, dance and celebrate India’s 68th with this super awesome cooker cake!

9. Tiranga Panna Cotta

India and Italy couldn’t have had a tastier union.

10. Tiranga Halwa


11. Rainbow Idli

Just three colors but it’s a rainbow. Sounds like a poetic definition of India, doesn’t it?

12. Tricolour Sushi


13. Tricolour Dim Sum


14. Tricolour Raita


15. Tricolour Pasta Salad

Tricolour Pasta Salad Recipe


16. Tricolour Salad


Go ahead and colour your kitchen in the Indian tricolour while we replay the videos and drool some more.