In A Tribute To Themselves, Nestle Japan Creates 500 Golden Kit Kat Fingers

One of our beloved childhood favourites, the Kit Kat bar has just gotten itself a fancy makeover! To celebrate the one millionth visitor at their Kit Kat Chocolatory stores, Nestle Japan has created 500 bars of 24 carat Kit Kat bars, in a tribute to themselves.

Each ‘Sublime Gold Kit Kat’ finger is wrapped with  a 24 carat gold leaf. At 2,016 yen or &16, the fingers will go on sale at eight department store chocolate boutiques across Japan.

Like with all its food, Japan has a unique approach to Kit Kats in general. Each region in Japan has a special flavour of Kit Kats from the Yokohama cheese cake Kit Kat to the Kobe pudding Kit Kat. Most recently, Japan came up with an awesome Kit Kat sandwich!


All that’s left to say is; how come Japan gets all the good stuff?