Impromptu, golf road, gurgaon
ok so here it goes…

i have been planning to go to Impromptu for a long time…but cuz its so far off from my place….never got to it!!! but finally last saturday cuz of an impromptu friend’s meet up i finally got to experience the magic.


anybody walking towards impromptu will have one word on their mouth…splendid!!

thats how the decor is….this place hosts both indoor as well as outdoor sitting….being summers we chose to dine inside…..the general theme of the place is all about giving one an airy, bright, spacious feel….with wooden work dominating the place and the overall do ever being rustic….the ceiling to floor glass walls gives it the oomph factor!! be it the daytime or night….the view is great!!!


well because we were a group of 13….it got a bit chaotic….but the servers were efficient enough….they were really attentive to our needs and always on their toes to fulfill them…the dishes were served with a brief description about them and they were more than happy to oblige us with further details…

the overall service was smooth….the food and drinks kept on rolling in yet the constant presence of the servers didn’t hinder our fun and conversation….

food and drinks:

coming down to the main part…..

in the scorching heat of summers we were served the perfect drinks to quench our thirst!!

first came mango mint thandai: the trio combined together tasted perfect….the creamy soothing mango with coolness of thandai and freshness of the mint….was surprisingly not heavy on the palate and was the perfect summer drink.

other than that we had peanutbutter and banana shake…which was good too…along with that came an array of fresh lime soda/ virgin mojito…..all were good…light and refreshing!!!

to go along with the drinks and to feed our growling tummies we ordered:

shitake rolls: neatly rolled thin and crisp spring rolls(non oily…thank god) with shitake and vegetable filling(no spillage…pphheeww) served with sambal mayo….was good and light!!

paneer tikka: paneer tikka marinated in spicy pesto chutney was soft and moist with adequate taste of pesto.

fish in crumb: this was the highlight of the meal!! an impromptu take on the classic fish and chips…thinly sliced fish ‘tentacles’ il say….with moist and juicy centre and a perfectly crisp crumb on the outside , served like chips…along with another twist of tartar sauce with tiny capers infused within…!!! loved it…

chicken wings: they serve wings in three different form….we taste tandoori wings…with succulent chicken marinated in tandoori masala….the indian take was a great change…and the classic barbecued chicken wings with slightly sticky, sweet and sour sauce atop!!

burgers: we had fire cracker and cowboy burgers…and boy what burgers…..hugely built fresh burgers to give you a mouthful….

pasta: ok so this was something interesting….linguine served with keema meat…was a burst of flavors and textures…!!

Mediterranean pizza: the wood fired pizza was super thin, light and had a perfect crisp base….loaded with cheese and yummy veggies..and a dollop of rocket leaves sitting on top…was nice and yum!!

after all these starters, we braved ourselves and ordered some indian main course:

dal makhni, which was creamy, along with yummy butter chicken, with succulent chicken morsels and slightly sweet buttery gravy….served along with thin and crisp butter naan…was great…everything was adequately seasoned…

lastly to end out fantastic food journey we managed some space for desserts..and am so glad we did:

avatar195: omg!!….what a dessert it was…. a perfect fusion of indian and modern ….

it was served in a jar…with the base being that of balushai crumb…..perfectly buttery and crumbly!!! over it were tiny cuts of fresh fruits…so fresh….and to finish the glory….thick yummy rabri was splattered on top….along with it were served a stack of dry fruits to add a bite to the combo..and along with it a cute pear shaped tinniest dollop of halwa!!!..what an explosion of flavors and textures….the crumb, the freshness….the creaminess…and the crunch…what more can one ask for!!

and lastly we had mad about chocolate: again a twist on the classic ebony and ivory…instead of the usual truffle…their dessert comprised of a super moist, super soft flourless cake….it was so soft that it melted straight in our mouth….warm chocolaty gooey cake with cold scoop of vanilla ice cream was the perfect end to this magical experience…

the service was prompt…ambiance is great and appealing…..rates fairly decent….and to top it all yummy food!!!

would definitely come back to try other things on their menu!!





fish in crumb