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The illustrated food calendar of 2017


1. January

It’s just the start of the New Year and I’ve already broken my new year’s resolution by eating this pot full of pongal.


2. February

It’s the season of love. Push your loved ones aside, they’ll just get in the way of you and your chocolates.

february choclates

3. March

I’m not going to question why we celebrate New Year twice. I’m just going to eat this pachadi and ask for some more. Period.

March pachadi

4. April

It takes a lot of time and effort to decorate Easter eggs. I think you shouldn’t eat it should eat it so fast you won’t even register the pattern on the egg.

april easter eggs

5. May

May I have another lassi, please?

may lassi

6. June

A festival that is celebrated by eating only diary food? That’s genius. So, that’s how they get people to remember their festivals.

june shavout

7. July

Ramadan isn’t about losing weight, it is about losing the guilt of gaining weight.

july ramadan

8. August

The fact that the prasadam is made for Lord Ganesha is an excuse. The prasadam is made for me. I’m the Lord for this plate of modak.

august modak

9. September

You may or may not celebrate Onam, but you will definitely gorge on this avial.


10. October

The pumpkins are out and they don’t look pleased. Be scared. Be very very scared.

october pumkin

11. November

Thank you God, for this delicious turkey. Do you think I could have it again tomorrow?

november turkey

12. December

It’s called Christmas. Or it could also be called that-holiday-where-all-you-do-is-eat-cake-all-day-long. It should definitely be called the latter.

december cake