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IKEA’s New Video Pokes Fun At The Obsessive Foodstagramming


Every time you go to a restaurant, there are a million people trying to find the right angles to get the right picture of the food they’re eating. We’re all guilty of it at some point of time or the other, but IKEA wants you to stop all that right now!

In a new commercial – obviously for their kitchen and dining products – IKEA shows a family sitting down to dinner in a time before social media and the internet. Then the patriarch of the family calls in the painters who finds the right angles and shadows of the food they’re about to eat and once the painting is done, it is carried all over the countryside to get ‘likes’ from different people. Whether they’re in the middle of a fight or a party, they stand there with the painting till they get a thumbs up. Then they return to the house and tell the patriarch that everything is all good.

And flashforward to present day where the dad is hunched over the food with his smartphone, taking a picture. The line that goes with it is “It’s meal. Not a competition.”

Take a look at the video below: