Ikea Is Coming To India, And They’re Going To Be Focusing On The Food

Ikea is best known for their DIY furniture that has gained popularity worldwide (in part thanks to some well-placed memes and vines). Of course, we were all super excited when Ikea announced that they were coming to India, but since they announced that they’ll be focusing more on the food, we’re even more pumped!

Food Not Furniture

Unlike Ikea’s other business models (mostly dependant on your over-inflated sense of belief that you can DIY your own furniture) in India, food will be the reason people walk through the door. Ikea India will be home to a 1,000 seater restaurant – the largest restaurant in Ikea worldwide!

Ikea Is Coming To India, And They're Going To Be Focusing On The Food

Patrick Antoni, the deputy country manager at Ikea India said, “We believe that we might have more customers eating than buying furniture, but the average ticket size of food is very small compared to furniture. So most likely, food will be the first contact point for people coming to the Ikea store.”

“We internally call our restaurant or food business the best sofa-seller as it takes time to buy furniture, so we need food for people to stay. In India, for every customer on the cash counter, we will have one paying at the restaurant, too. That’s nearly 50% of the customers as Indians love food.” Antoni continued. We gotta say, we kinda like this foodie focus – as long there are Swedish meatballs, of course!