IHOP Is Back Because IHOb Was Just A Big Marketing Ploy

It’s official, the days of IHOb are finally behind us. We know that everyone and their aunt, lost their minds when they discovered that our beloved IHOP was changing its name to IHOb because of burgers. Now, thanks to an unapologetic tweet, we know that IHOP broke many of our hearts (for a short time, at least) all because of a marketing ploy to sell their burgers!

Their evil plan to promote burger was spelled out in their now, defunct, IHOb Twitter account.

All that drama (including creating new social media accounts) only to find out that we’re the ones that have been played. For starters, we’ve already written numerous articles about their bloomin’ burgers! Oh well, at least they’re doing a deal on their pancakes for their 60th birthday!