IG International Brings Belgian Conference Pears To India

IG International, a fruits wholesaler has launched Belgian Conference Pears in India. The fruit is already available at leading retail outlets across India.

Meet India’s Newest Fruit Import

The Belgian Conference pear can be had soft, when very ripe, or hard and crispy when just about ripe. It has a long shelf life and a significant water content. Additionally, the pear has no core and is therefore ideal for children to consume.


“We are proud to welcome the Belgian Conference Pear to India and add it to our burgeoning list of exotic fruit offerings in the country. With a 20000MT pear consumption market in India as per last year’s data, we hope the Indian consumer will love this delicious fruit for its taste as well as medicinal properties” said Tarun Arora the Director of IG International Pvt. Ltd,

IG International has introduced the pear to India in collaboration with BelOrta, a Dutch company which was founded in 1905 and deals with fresh fruits and vegetables. Commenting on the partnership and the launch in India, Jo Lamrecht, the Commercial Managaer of BelOrta said “The Belgian Conference Pear is one of the most popular European fruits at the moment. We are extremely confident of receiving a positive response for it from the massive Indian market as well.”

The fruit was launched in Mumbai by Sonu Sood and Ranveer Brar.