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If You Live In Philadelphia, Jimmy Fallon Could Be Dining With You This Month


Lively, cheeky, vivacious, super fun, and massively entertaining – these are a few qualities that make for an ideal dinner guest. What if we add majorly popular and celebrity to that mix? Well, if you live in Philadelphia you can have one such guest over for dinner at your home? Who, you may wonder? Why Jimmy Fallon, of course!

There aren’t any two ways about the fact that Fallon loves good food – whether it’s a traditional Gyro or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough, he’s up for it. And now, he wants a wholesome home-cooked meal. The loved host of The Tonight Show along with famous American rapper hip-hop group The Roots’ lead MC, Black Thought (nee Tariq Luqmaan Trotter), is visiting Philly on 17th April and the one thing he wants more than anything else during his trip is to try a good “home-cooked meal with a local family”. The show’s official Facebook account announced the host’s wish on the social media on Wednesday.

So, is your family big on gastronomy and more importantly do you have a special family recipe that could easily trump all else? Well then bring out the fancy china and silverware because you could be hosting Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought in less than two weeks! All you have to do is send your recipe, which you would like to serve the celebrity guests, via email to What’s more? If chose, the entire dinner party featuring the Philly family, Fallon, and Trotter will be streamed live on Facebook!

What are you still waiting for, Philadelphia? Go on, put your best recipe forward and may the best family win!

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