If Pastry Chefs Honestly Responded to Things People Say

Desserts! Where do I begin? That first bite that you take and all those flavours bursting in your mouth! We tend to forget that there is usually a person behind that- a Pastry Chef. We also tend to forget that sometimes these Pastry Chefs are women. As a Pastry Chef, I can’t tell you the number of times people mistake being a female ‘Pastry Chef’ as a “cute hobby”. These very same people also, sometimes, ask you the most absurd questions or make the funniest statements, and you response almost always, is to laugh it off. What if, sometimes, you decide to switch off that mind filter and just say exactly what you’re thinking?

That’s the inspiration behind this video (if the title didn’t give that away)!

This sketch looks at some of the statements people make, questions people ask, and retorts we wish we could voice sometimes!

It is a lot harder for a female pastry chef and keeping that in mind this video is dedicated to every working Indian woman who has to deal with her own set of questions or comments about her professional choices.


Please note:

Empowering message (if any) is intended

Stereotypes (if any) is unintended (kind of!)