The Iconic Mani’s Lunch Home Is Now Open In Chembur

For over ten years, Mani Lunch Home was one of Mumbai’s favourite South Indian eateries in Matunga. Day by day it used to dish out soft idlis, unlimited sambhar, avial and sevai to droves of customers. Now, however, Mani Lunch Home has shut shop in Matunga and migrated over to Chembur.

Why The Shift?

Mani Lunch Home in Matunga closed in July last year; the restaurant’s owners were told that the building was going to be torn down to make way for high rises. The building itself was built in the 1920s and in need of repairs.

The Iconic Mani’s Lunch Home Is Now Open In Chembur

On the day that the restaurant closed, Mani Lunch Home’s owner KS Narayanswamy’s owner said to The Hindu “In the morning, many came to the restaurant and were shocked to find it closed. Many were in tears. Our patrons are both from the young generation as well as seniors citizens. While younger patrons have other options and can easily adapt to any other food, the older generation have no alternative. They can only eat authentic food and are particularly distraught.”

Mani Lunch Home Spreads It Wings

However, a permanent closure was not on Mani Lunch Home’s agenda. At the time it shut, the owners told the media that they were searching for another location. They finally settled on a space in Chembur, another popular locale for South Indian fare.

The Iconic Mani’s Lunch Home Is Now Open In Chembur

The new restaurant was set to open in October last year. Following the demonetisation drive, the plans were stalled.

Now, finally, Mani’s Lunch Home has opened its doors at the Komal Building, Road Number 3 in Chembur East. The menu remains the same, although prices may be raised slightly.

Head to Mani’s Lunch Home for their curd rice, upma, dosas and idlis.