Icing On Top Launches Guilt Free Pleasures: Healthy, Bite Sized Treats That Are Absolutely Delicious  

It’s mid-week and you may be finding it hard to keep up that healthy eating resolution you made at the beginning of the week. You know the one; when you promise yourself every Monday that you’ll start eating more salads and less deep fried foods and sweets. Through Monday and maybe even Tuesday you may have stuck faithfully to greens and juices but today the sugar cravings may have started to set in.

We’re not going to tell you to abstain; we know the torture. However, what if we introduced you to some delicious snacks that will satisfy your cravings yet are also healthy? Here’s introducing Icing On Top’s new range of snacks, appropriately named ‘Guilt Free Pleasures’.

About Icing On Top

Before we dig into the good stuff (literally), allow us to tell you a little about Icing on Top.

Owned by Ayushi Shah, who is also its head chef, Icing On Top creates bite size treats – primarily cookies and crackers – that are stocked at Godrej Nature’s Basket, Foodhall and the JW Mariott Mumbai in Juhu. They’re also available on HolaChef and Scootsy.

The Icing On Top products are eggless and 100% vegetarian and are perfect tiny indulgences when you’re in the mood for treats.

Guilt Free Pleasures

‘Guilt Free Pleasures’ is a new range from Icing On Top that features bite sized munchies that are both tasty and healthy. For instance, the range includes Ragi cookies available in Lemon, Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Roasted Almond, Cranberry Orange and Chocolate Hazelnut flavours.

Ragi has long been associated with health benefits; it’s loaded with calcium, proteins and minerals and is used in various weight loss diets. Cookies made with ragi, therefore, will allow you to indulge while at the same time staying within your diet restrictions.

Similarly, the crackers in the range – available in Cheddar, Spicy Dill and Chilli Garlic & Cilantro flavours – are made using whole wheat flour and baked, making them wholesome, low calorie treats.

Tasting The Talk

It’s not very often that the word healthy’ pairs with ‘tasty’ when it comes to snacks. Do these treats actually taste as good as they are healthy? We decided to investigate.  

We received two flavours of cookies; the Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip. Shaped into round little balls, both were delightfully crumbly, making them slowly melt in our mouths.


The Cinnamon Cookies were subtly interlaced with cinnamon while the Chocolate Chip Cookies gave us an unapologetic chocolate rush.

We also tried the Cheddar Crackers; incredibly slim and faintly salty treats that were highly addictive – we nearly polished off the packet in one go.

So what say you, Mumbai? Do you want to indulge yet stay healthy? Order yourself some of these bite sized treats and you’ll never look back.