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Ice Cream Related Interior Design


At times in Britain it can seem the joys of summer a long, long, way away. So why not introduce one of the classic elements of summer into your interior design; after all, who doesn’t like ice cream in some form? You could be lying back and dreaming of summer on an ice-cream cone beanbag. Or if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, perhaps you will enjoy that lollipops have been used as inspirational wall art. The classic ice cream cone shape lends itself to making great lamps, and there are also some cool examples of this being utilized in the graphic.

Whoever you are, we’re sure having ice cream by the beach in summer be a childhood memory for you. So why not look through this graphic and see how you can use those memories and ideas to create a unique and cool aesthetic that will stand out and give you that summer feeling all year round.

Georgia writes about all things interior design and food related. She specialises infographics and articles that are both informative and fun to read.