Which Ice Cream Flavor Would You Rather Freeze You Brain With? #POLL

Now, we know that given the nip in the air most of you would rather head over to the warm drinks aisle rather than treading down the ice cream aisle. But then there are some of us who don’t check the weather report before indulging in a pint, brick, stick, cone, or cup of our favourite gelato. And we can totally relate. Because we too love ourselves a good scoop irrespective of the season.

When heading out for ice cream, not only is the brand and kind a thing of utter importance, but also most important of all is the flavour of the ice cream. Families have been divided over the debate of which ice cream flavour will be bought for dessert. Because, flavour is important! A chocolate loving soul simply cannot settle for vanilla, same as how a vanilla loving soul would smack you if you ever offer them butterscotch. And tutti fruity, well, we don’t really know why that flavour even exists.

So, which of these ice cream flavours do like the most? Vote and let us know!



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