IBM Has Developed A Coffee Delivery Drone That Can Predict When You Need A Caffeine Boost

Technology is changing the way we consume goods. Ever needed a caffeine boost, but were too tired to get up and make a cup of coffee? Well, now IBM has developed the technology for a coffee delivery drone that predicts when you need a caffeine boost. Not only will you be able to get a cuppa when you need it, but your need will be anticipated!

According to USA Today, IBM has secured a patent for a coffee drone that drops off coffee and monitors certain facial, body, and biometric data to determine when people nearby may be in the mood for a pick-me-up. That is to say, it could either connect to your FitBit to determine if you’re losing steam, or it could even just use a camera to notice you’re nodding off based on your body language. Then it would use Bluetooth or other GPS data from a device like your phone to ensure it’s flitting over to the right person.

“IBM encourages our researchers to pursue their interests even though not all of their inventions become commercial products,” spokeswoman Amanda Carl told USA Today. “By publishing their inventions as patents, we give our researchers the recognition they deserve and make their work public, so it can inspire new innovations.”


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