Hyperlocal Delivery Startup DailyNinja Acquires WakeUpBasket In Cash & Equity Deal

In a world where we do almost everything virtually, it’s not a big surprise that delivery apps have become increasingly popular. In a recent development, hyperlocal delivery startup DailyNinja has acquired WakeUpBasket in Hyderabad in an effort to increase their presence in the city.

WakeUpBasket, a Hyderabad-based startup also operates in the same space DailyNinja as they provide early morning delivery of household essentials with milk and groceries being the major products sold. The acquisition has been completed in a cash and equity deal.

However, this isn’t the first time that DailyNinja has bought over a startup in Hyderabad, earlier in the year they acquired 4amShop. In the wake of DailyNinja’s acquisition of WakeUpBasket, all of their customers, will be transferred to the DailyNinja platform, as all the employees, including the founders, will join the DailyNinja team.




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