Hyderabad’s Legendary Karachi Bakery Is Now In Green Park

Of the many reminiscent of the mid and early 20th century that boast of a post-colonial hangover, Hyderabad’s legendary Karachi Bakery is one. The rustic bakery, which is popular for its signature cookies and pastries, opened shop in 1953 and has been a favourite among locals and tourists ever since. And lucky for us Delhiites, we will soon have yet another outlet of Karachi Bakery in the Capital to binge at.


What’s On Offer?

For the uninitiated, Karachi Bakery is known far and wide for its snacks, bakes, and desserts. And staying true to its fame, the new outlet too will have on offer a bunch of the classics including Osmania biscuits, halwas, kharis, hazelnut cupcakes, macarons, paneer puffs, and artisanal breads among many other nibbles.

The iconic bakery shop is coming up with its fourth outlet in Delhi-NCR. This one is touted to open in Green Park, South Delhi sometime in December. The other three Karachi Bakery outlets are currently at Golf Course Road in Gurgaon; Select Citywalk in Saket; and at Delhi Airport.

So, this winter pair your chai with some naankhatai, rusks, and paneer puffs from Hyderabad’s very own!

Find the nearest outlet here.



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