This Hyderabadi Wedding Had 24K Gold Rice On The Menu

We’re all familiar with the big fat Indian wedding. However, this wedding in Hyderabad took their wedding to the next level with 24K Gold Rice – and yes, there is video evidence. The YouTube video below is being widely circulated on WhatsApp and it’s really not hard to see why.

Uploaded by The News Minute, the video entitled, ‘Sambhar Rice Is Passe Hyderabad Caterer Serves Gold Rice To Guests’ you can see the gold leaves, quite common in the Indian subcontinent, melting into the rice.

According to The News Minute, Hyderabad-based caterer, V. Sai Radha Krishna dreamt up the gold rice after his high-profile client asked for something different. The gold is totally safe to eat, and it doesn’t add any flavor, just bling. “It is not new to have gold. People have been eating sweets wrapped in gold leaf and silver leaf. I tried the same with rice. I knew that gold leaf will melt on hot steamed rice. I just tried it, and it worked well.”

Although the concept of gold plated rice sounds pricey, Sai says that it only cost approximately Rs. 250 per plate. So, the next time you want to show off some bling during a meal, maybe go the gold plating route? It’s sure to be a hit!