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HungryForever’s Food Styling and Photography Workshop for Beginners was a Photographer’s paradise By the Bay


Starting Off

A Food Styling and Photography Workshop for beginners was conducted by HungryForever on the 20th of October at 4 p.m. at By the Bay Restaurant at VGP Golden Beach Resorts.

The Instructor – Meghana Sumesh, the Lead Editor of HungryForever, presented an easy-to-follow, well-structured and interactive workshop which the participants found helpful and instructive as well as a ton of fun!

Opening on an interactive note, the participants introduced themselves, stating why they were attending the workshop, what aspects of photography they found challenging, and what they expected from the workshop.

Aspects of Photography

The instructor started off the workshop by talking about different types of cameras and how to get the best pictures from any camera. Next, she divided the workshop into a few sections, and covered each part, giving the participants a chance to raise their doubts and queries before moving on to the next section.

Dealing with the elements of Photography, Meghana helped the participants themselves come up with the different factors of taking a good photograph. Aspects such as white balance, colour, contrast, focus, setting, lighting, angle, props, different types of shots, ISO, diffusing light, aperture, and shutter speed, giving them illustrations and helping them figure out the settings on their devices at each step.

Apart from these essentials, the instructor also gave the participants insight into the features of photography such as Telling a story through the picture, and portraying the character of the photographer or of the cook through the pictures of the food.

Food Styling

Then came the part of the workshop that everyone enjoyed the most. After some tips on how to style food for your photograph, the participants were given some items of food, and their choice of props, such as flowers, fairy lights, glasses and tea-lights. They could choose their own corner of the restaurant wherever they found the lighting conducive, and style the food anyway they liked, and take photographs of it. Meghana was around to give help wherever needed and provide feedback on the pictures that were taken.

Picture taken by participant Muthu Kumaran during the workshop

On a parting note, she encouraged them to take pictures that make them happy, and be proud enough of their work to share them on social media, as that is the first step to self-improvement and recognition. The participants were also assured that more such fun workshops would be conducted soon.