Craft Brew Master Class With John J. Eapen Is In Session


Craft Beers in India have gradually taken over the bottled beer craze with a promise of fresh brewed beers with innovative flavours and inspiring techniques. Even with numerous local and international breweries making their presence known in the ever-growing microbrewery segment of the country, there are still a few who wish to partake in the uninspired bottled beer market that is still running rampant in all nooks and corners of the country. We have taken notice of such blasphemous tendencies and we are taking the initiative to inform and educate the people of India to take notice of the wonderful beers which are being brewed right in their own backyard. 

Eyes For The Beer Soul

Partnering with John J. Eapen from Tales of Froth, the resident beer connoisseur in Bengaluru and craft brews expert, we have developed a series of video shorts (or longs) to expound on the virtues of craft brews and the innovation that is happening in the microbreweries and pubs of Bengaluru.  These series of videos will focus on what craft brews are all about and what goes behind the process of making that fresh brewed beer which we all know and love, especially on a Friday or a Saturday night. John has graciously accepted the challenge of turning the country into microbrewery and craft beer heaven and has helped us develop the content for these series of videos. 

Episode I

Without further ado, we wish to present to you, the alcoholics and the social drinkers of the world, the first episode of our Craft Brew Master Class series with John J. Eapen from Tales of Froth. This episode will start off with the basics of what craft brews are all about and the ingredients used in making that fresh cold mug of beer which we diligently indulge in every time we head out for a pint or two (or 3..).