HungryForever Switches To SSL, Because Foodies Need Security Too

Howdy, foodies! Today, we have some news of our own that we thought we’d share with you. HungryForever has moved to SSL, ensuring a more secure browsing experience for everyone. As people who spend most of our time on the internet, it’s important to understand why having web security is a necessity. And more than anything, a necessity for publishers online to move to a more secure platform. Switching to SSL sounds like having to deal with a breakdown in case of failure, but trust us, there is no breakdown, and it is totally worth it. 


Why move to SSL?

Moving to SSL helps establish an encrypted connection between the website and the browser, and this means more security between the two of us. Many websites use SSL to protect their interaction with users, like banking and online transactions with their customers, for example. So, how do know if you’re on secure browsing? When you visit a website, you will find the website address beginning with a “https://”  in the address bar, ensuring you that you’re on to a secure connection. So foodies, our data isn’t the only thing that’s being protected, your browsing’s safe with us too!


“Sites willing to encrypt their communications are at least one step more trustworthy than those that don’t — not in the quality of content on the website, but how they treat users while they are browsing.” – Martin Oxby, co-owner of a web solutions company.