HungryForever heads to Shiro’s Dim Sum Festival in Mumbai

Currently, Shiro is holding a Dim Sum Festival, which Shiro’s sous chef, Chef Sameer tells us is an answer to the monsoons. After all, what better way to feel cosy while it pours outside, than to bite into a dainty parcel of dough filled with a warm, delicious filling? 

The Shiro Dim Sum collection boasts of almost 40 different types of dim sum prepared in a range of styles.  As we sipped on a hot cup of delicious tea from the Sublime House of Tea, we gorged on dim sum after dim sum, all equally delectable.

HungryForever went by and checked out the festival and we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. Check out the video of our visit below!

 If our experience has you salivating for some delicious, hot dim sum now then head to Shiro; the Dim Sum collection is on until the 28th of July!