The HungryForever App Has Been Accepted To FbStart’s Bootstrap Track

FbStart is a program built by Facebook that helps mobile startups succeed. They offer these startups free tools and services once accepted, that helps the brand build and grow its mobile app. Plus, the brand gets year round mentorship from the Facebook team and be able to connect with an exclusive community of global startups.

And now, the HungryForever mobile app has been accepted into the Bootstrap track of FbStart because of the impressive development and the potential for continued growth.

With the Bootstrap track, the HungryForever developers are eligible to upto $40,000 in free tools and services from Facebook and its partners, including Amazon, UserTesting, App Annie and MailChip, which will help build and grow and mostly monetise the mobile app.

Announced earlier this year, FbStart is part of the third season of Facebook’s global developer program and reaches out to developers all over the world to help them improve on their mobile apps and expand and grow the brand.

The HungryForever App Has Been Accepted To FbStart's Bootstrap Track Photo

The HungryForever mobile app is an easy way to access the HungryForever website on the go, so that you get all the latest food news and updates directly on your mobile device. Plus, you can view recipes and video tutorials on how to make some of your favourite dishes as well.

You can get the HungryForever app for your iOS or Android device, so download it now!