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Hungry? Top 5 Food Delivery Apps in NYC to Check Out in 2020


Hola Foodies!

Feeling hungry? But too busy or too tired to prepare your meal? No need to worry! Neither noodles or pizza is your only option! Simply place an order in an app with just a few taps and wait for your doorbell to ring.

With the enhancements in the mobile app development industry, food delivery and takeout apps have become pretty popular among the New Yorkers these days. What can be more satisfying than getting deliciousness delivered at your doot-step! No wonder why on-demand food delivery apps are gaining such immense attention.

Worldwide, the platform-to-consumer delivery service revenue picture looks something like this. 

Source: Statista

So, if you are planning to make a food delivery app, this might be the right time to invest in it. 

Here is a list of 5 popular food delivery and takeout applications. If you plan to start food delivery app startups, you can take inspiration from these apps. And accordingly, you can plan something interesting to offer your target audience.


Source: Google Play

With restaurant takeout and food delivery from more than 50,000 restaurants in 1,100+ cities, GrubHub is undoubtedly a must-include in this list. If you use GrubHub, you simply need to enter your location. And accordingly, the app will show you the entire list of restaurants near you, from where you can order food. 

Be it any specific menu item or cuisine – you can effortlessly find your meal using it. Filtering options by price, customer ratings, delivery tracking, coupon availability, etc. are available in GrubHub. Pick-up or delivery – you can choose an option that is most feasible for you. Most interestingly, this app users can enjoy a zero delivery fee on their orders. 

You’ll get it for both iOS and Android platforms.


Source: Google Play

No, UberEATS and Uber is not the same app! It is a standalone food delivery app that is being used by millions of people worldwide.

Easy navigation is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. Just like its parent Uber, the cashless transaction is possible here. You can check the estimated food delivery time as well. 

While placing an order, this app charges a 15% service fee on your order’s subtotal. Also, if your order value is below $10, you have to pay a small order fee. However, all these fees can vary depending on the location and restaurant. Users get gift cards from UberEATS. 

Both Android and iOS device users can enjoy it.


Source: The App Store

With over 110,000 restaurant menus, DoorDash probably has the widest selection of national chains along with local eateries in 1200+ cities. 

The app’s UI is intriguing and easy to navigate. This app has a unique “Delight Score” feature. This feature considers different factors including food quality, customer satisfaction, delivery time, and restaurant popularity. Accordingly, the “Delight Score” recommends you the best restaurant choices in your area. Owing to the popularity of this app, startups are looking to create food delivery apps similar to Doordash.

There is no minimum order value in this app. However, delivery fees, tax, and an optional tip are there. The additional service fees may vary from restaurants to restaurants. 

Both Android and iOS device users can enjoy it. 


Source: Google Play

This is more than just a food delivery app. It does not partner with any particular list of restaurants. Rather, after entering your location, you can order anything (gifts, groceries, etc.) from any stores or restaurants from nearby locations and Postmates will deliver it at your doorstep. Interestingly, you can order alcohol as well! 

Well, there is a delivery fee for every order. If you’re not willing to pay the delivery fee, you can pick up your order. During the peak delivery hours, you may have to pay some additional fees. This app has a “Plus Unlimited” service that costs around $10 per month. If you have this service and your order value is more than $15, you will get free delivery. 

Both Android and iOS device users can enjoy it. 


Source: Google Play

This app is known for delivering food from the most popular and most delicate restaurants in your locality. You can avoid the long-queue and the hurdles to make a reservation in the finest dine outs in your city using Caviar. 

You can choose a time when you want your orders to be delivered. Placing an order in advance is available in this app. You have the option to filter the food delivery by borough. Depending on the distance of the restaurant from the delivery location, the delivery fees can vary. 

Other than these above-mentioned apps, you can try the following food delivery applications as well.

  • goPuff (Android and iOS)
  • (Android and iOS)
  • ChowNow (iOS)

So, what are you waiting for? Go for the best on demand food delivery app from this list!

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