100% Juice: Huge Growth Opportunity, Says Tetra Pak

Despite the global economic slowdown and recent debate around sugar, the market for 100% juice is expected to return to 100% growth going forward to 2018. According to Tetra Pak‘s 100% Juice index report, the combination of emerging growth hotspots and slowing decline in established markets is stabilising 100% juice and bringing it back to growth .

Every year Tetra Pak commissions research to look at new opportunities for growth in key customer categories and publishes information on the latest facts, figures and trends. This year, the focus was on what people value about 100% juice and what they are looking for in juice products. Insights show that 100% juice remains a significant part of the average consumer diet, with more than 40% of people drinking it everyday. Moreover, consumers have reported to be willing to pay higher prices for juices that they associate with healthy choices. 

With a shift in consumer needs towards health and out of home consumption, trends particulary strong with Milenials, the industry has responded with innovation in three key areas – vegetable nutrition, where vegetables and fruit are combined, lowering the natural sugar content and adding health benefits; ‘all natural’, and speciality 100% juice. 

Growth Caused By Changing Lifestyles?

Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson said: “It is good to see that brands globally are turning the challenges presented by changing lifestyles and the sugar debate into opportunities. They are driving growth in the 100% juice category with new products that capture the imagination of consumers, stretching beyond traditional fruit juices such as orange and apple, to a range of inventive vegetable blends, and new fruit flavours, creating endless possibilities for new recipes. As ever, the key to success is innovation, offering the right product at the right time to meet the modern consumers’ needs, and, just as importantly, capturing their attention and making a connection with them.”

Growth In Emerging Markets

The Tetra Pak report also highlights the growth potential of 100% juice in emerging markets in countries such as China, Brazil, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Kandarp Singh, Tetra Pak South Asia Markets managing director, said in a statement: “Mirroring trends seen globally, we see consumers in India making a conscious shift towards healthier, ‘better-for-me’ beverage options. We will continue to help Indian brand owners develop products based on understanding of evolving consumer and category needs.”

The report forecasts that growth will occur because of a shift in consumers’ needs towards healthier and more natural options to take with them for ‘on-the-go’ consumption.

The Tetra Pak 100% Juice Index report is based on market insights through the company’s partnership with customers around the globe, as well as recent research findings from 7,000 consumers in seven countries.